When we send out the invitation, we don't always know whether you actually belong to the target group. The information from your profile can usually only be called up after you have already started a survey. This is due to the privacy policy. It may also happen that for some surveys a certain target group is determined in advance by properties that are not contained in your profile on file with us. Therefore, it may occasionally happen that you do not belong to the target group of a survey, even though you were initially invited to it by email.

We recognize whether a participant belongs to the target group with the help of very specific questions that we ask at the beginning of the survey, eg the question about a specific consumer behavior. If you do not belong to the target group, the survey will end prematurely or we will search the system for a new survey, to which we will then automatically forward you.

If you get this message before you have even answered a question, and if this happens several times in a row, there may be technical reasons, for example that the device you want to use to start the survey is not suitable for the survey, or that the Poll has already been closed.