Our surveys are conducted via online questionnaires and can consist of a wide variety of subject areas. This includes, for example, your preferences when travelling, your attitudes towards certain products or your opinion on advertising. The results are used by companies, for example, to develop new products or to adapt to the needs of consumers like you.

You can be invited to our surveys either by email or by push message via the app. If you are invited by e-mail, you can start right away after clicking on the survey link: you will be asked questions that you can answer by simply clicking on them or by entering text. Also, you can log into your account from time to time and see if you missed an invite. If you are invited by push message, you can also click directly on the survey link and answer the survey immediately and conveniently via your smartphone.

Please only open and answer the surveys on the device intended for this purpose. Surveys that don't push you may not be mobile-friendly. Once you have clicked on a survey, you cannot reopen or continue it on another device, as each survey can only be started once by you.